Good Shepherd Coalition teamed with Fraser First Boosters Club and McKinley Barrier Free Park to host Tires For A Purpose; several local nonprofits creating art installations out of used tires. 

We have all felt the impacts of the 2020-2021 Pandemic. GSC created a way in which local nonprofits can raise money and interact with the community while bringing awareness to what our organizations do. This group collaboration allows all of Macomb County to support our local nonprofits and enjoy an incredible park that is accessible to everyone of all abilities.

Please click the photos to learn more about these great nonprofits.

If the cause speaks to you we hope you will donate to them, even if it is only $5.

The TOP 3 receiving the highest donations will be announced in mid July.

We hope you will visit McKinley Barrier Free Park in person.

If you do, take a photo and share it with #TiresForAPurpose.

We will be sharing some of your posts over the next month!

Chaldean Community Foundation


Teacup & Donut

Made by CCF Youth

For inquiries on either piece please click here.

To support CCF click either photo or HERE.


Awareness Ribbon

Inquires about their Tire please click here

To support Turning Point please click the Awareness Ribbon photo or HERE


Wishing Well

Inquires about their TIre please click here

To support MCREST please click the Wishing Well photo or HERE


Sea Turtle

For Inquiries please click HERE

To support Fraser Goodfellows please click on the Sea Turtle photo or HERE