Good Shepherd Coalition operates and helps solely on donation dollars. 

Every dollar stays in our community!


Good Shepherd Coalition (GSC) is a

Macomb County, Michigan based nonprofit who seeks to help individuals & families who are facing a household crisis. 

GSC is able to help bridge the gaps required to receive greater assistance from state and local agencies. Through small financial assistance we intervene in crisis to place the household at a fresh start. 

In addition to small-partial assistance for evictions and utility disconnections, we offer food pantry referrals and provide resources to help meet needs.

GSC has spent 30 years building strong connection within our community so that we can be a powerful resource for our faith-based supporters and every household we assist. 

GSC offers guidance through crisis.

We were created by and continue to be a long-utilized resource by local faith and community-based organizations, and a network partner for countless other federal and state recognized programs.

Our staff members are available

Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

We can be reached at:

(586) 307-8888

How We Help...

Staff is educated in human services, social work, and advocacy. They possess the complex training, resources, and know how to best assist the needs of those who are at risk for homelessness, loss of basic needs, and hunger.

GSC operates solely on donations, and helps each client on an individual basis without bias or discrimination, with equal effort, compassion, and empathy.

In the past several years GSC has assisted just over 3,500 families with coordinated funding of over $3 million dollars.

The above numbers do not include our holiday assistance program. Annually, GSC coordinates holiday assistance to over 250 families. This assistance spans: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Our members provide dinners along with gifts and baskets for children. 

GSC also works with community-based agencies to promote positive parenting and family education throughout the year.

Your support can make a difference here!

Upcoming & Ongoing

GSC has an annual fundraiser and ongoing events

supporting advocacy and education towards current community needs. 

Volunteers are an important part of GSC.  

We ensure resources are available to all in our community.

  • Macomb County Resources/Needs

    If you've been denied services, you may qualify for help with another organization or agency. Services and funding can change throughout the year for various state and county agency programs. We encourage everyone to check this board.

  • 12th Annual Dinner & Auction - September 20, 2024!

    Our fundraiser dinner and auction is our largest annual event and a wonderful gathering.

    If you would like to attend, volunteer, donate, or sponsor please let us know!

  • GSC 2024 SPRING FORUM - Thursday, May 9, 2024

    This is a yearly event hosted by GSC. This is one of our partnering education pieces.

  • Volunteer Job Descriptions

    We have the need for your assistance in our organization!  

    We run on the help of qualified volunteers.  

    Everyone has a particular set of skills that we need... 

    from accounting, to event planning, to phone intakes, web design, 

    marketing, and even managing our computer systems!  

    If you have the skills, we could use your expertise.  

    Please click the hand for more information.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    We are in periodic need of volunteers for events and activities that arise.  If you have a few hours to spare and want to give back to a great organization, check us out and see what we have available!

  • Please help support GSC you can purchase items from our wish list at Amazon.  

    We are in need of charity auction items for our annual dinner in September 2024. 

    These items are crucial for charity auction fundraising that supports GSC.  

    If you can help, we would appreciate it!

  • Community Resources

    This is an excellent resource when looking for assistance in the community!  

    Good Shepherd Coalition is here to help; we offer many opportunities for assistance.  

    Clicking the picture to the left will open a three-page contact sheet for finding additional help when you're in need.

  • Bonterra Community Advocator Case Management

    GSC is honored to have been recognized among National NPOs for our case management.

    Bonterra Impact Awards: Championing the Doers of Good

    Their inaugural case management awards celebrate and recognize social good organizations that use data and case management software to elevate and further their mission, demonstrate community advocacy and efficiency, innovate, foster inclusivity and engagement, and draw insights from data.