Application for Assistance

GSC is currently taking new clients.

Click the red "HELP ME" button

to open the GSC online request application,

Please know we must receive a complete in full submission. Any missing or omitted information can greatly delay or cause a denial of your request.

Please be sure to always utilize MDHHS and Macomb Community Action before submitting an application with GSC.

You can file an SER with MDHHS at:

You can also reach

Macomb Community Action at:


If you are in need of food we can refer you, but you can also utilize the below linked pantry database:

Pantry Net

If you are in need of shelter

please reach out to:





Macomb Community Action



We are a small nonprofit based in Macomb County, Michigan.

We work with both faith and community based organizations

to assist individuals and families residing in Macomb County

who are facing a temporary crisis.

If you have been referred to us, located us through 211 or an online search,

we are happy you found us.

We review all requests for assistance during our normal business hours:

Monday- Thursday 9:00AM – 3:00PM.

If you have not previously received help through us or it has been greater than 2 years,

we ask that you complete your request for assistance above.

At this time we are able to assist with formal evictions and pending utility disconnections with small monetary portions that bridge external assistance copay requirement(s); our assistance must bring your need to a $0 balance.

We are also happy to connect you to your closest pantry and place a referral if required.

GSC is reviewing many requests within our county, 

our general process once we have your completed application, 

should we be able to assist you, is:

  • We do require that all evictions or utility requests have a current MDHHS determination notice; if you have not filed an SER with MDHHS yet, you will need to do so provided that your utility is past due or you have a verifiable court dated eviction. To file for an SER (State of Emergency) with MDHHS  at:
  • We will review your utility account or request a full rental ledger. Sometimes continuous utility holds or consistent late or non-payment will result in a utility provider not extending a hold, or a rental provider choosing to evict. Please note, we will always do our best to advocate for your household, but we cannot guarantee that our attempts will stop a utility disconnection or an eviction.
  • We will keep you apprised with any potential assistance from our office and/or with matching external resource(s).
  • We only make calls during business hours. If your work schedule does not allow for you to discuss your request M-Th 9AM-3PM, please be sure you provide your current email on your application, we will do our best to communicate with you via email (be aware this will lengthen our time to assist).
  • If you have worked with us previously, please note we only assist each household and its members once in a 12-month period.

IF you are unable to submit an online application, this means you are already in our system.

Please email us at with your confirming information:

  • First and Last name
  • DOB
  • Current Address
  • Contact Phone #
  • Email Address

Please Add:

If you are seeking rental assistance -

  • an attachment of your current court summons and
  • your MDHHS determination letter to your email.

If you are seeking utility assistance - 

  • include your utility account number and
  • attach your current MDHHS determination letter to your email.

GSC is a small office, with remote staff, you will need to leave a voicemail or send an email and staff member will be in touch.

We do review all requests, voice mail messages, and emails in order.

We will do our very best to help you in a timely manner, and we will make every effort to help you in any way that we are able. 

We understand that any potential disconnection of electricity, gas or water or court process for a formal eviction are scary and bring about high anxiety. Please know we are here to help guide you. 

Our primary goal is to help you and your household stabilize and to be successful moving forward. If we are able to assist your household with a small one time monetary grant, we will notify your utility provider or rental management of our intent.

Please know we do not assist with: 

  • vehicle purchases, repairs, payments, or repossessions.
  • credit card, cell phone/landline, or insurance payments.
  • upcoming rent, or utilities without a pending disconnect date
  • gas or gift cards for fuel. 
  • housing relocation or hotel assistance. 

GSC is not a shelter, housing voucher agency or housing authority.

Our Holiday referral program runs September 1 through October 15 annually.

The 2022 GSC Holiday Program is full and closed for 2022.

Please dial 2-1-1 from your phone to locate any program that may still be available.

GSC 2023 Holiday Program

Our 2023 GSC Holiday Assistance Programs is full and closed.

If you are a community partner, participant, or donor with questions about a current placement please email: