What Donations Mean To GSC

GSC functions in three ways: operational, need-based, and seasonal. We operate strictly on donations, which means we do not rely on grant funding for day-to-day operations. GSC is completely self-directed; we are not held to fixed guidelines, which offers GSC the ability to look at each client on a case-by-case basis.

GSC rents space within the Macomb County Family Resource Center. There are operational non-profit costs, telephone/fax services, internet service, office supplies, and three part-time employees. While GSC operates at the bare minimum, is an established 501c3 non-profit charity, and carries a tax I.D. - operations do not come free. GSC does operate solely on the kind donations of our member organizations.

Need-Based Donations

Given that we operate on a case-by-case basis, GSC is able to work cohesively with multiple state and county agencies, as well as secondary organizations to meet the sum of the whole. We reach out to our member organizations for a piece of the pie, not the whole pie.

Seasonal Donations

We offer seasonal screenings for holiday assistance. A number of our member organizations decide in early September how many families they can assist for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas meal baskets, as well as offering gifts to children within these families. We also have a small select handful who also offer Easter meals and baskets.

Families in need of Holiday Assistance: Sign-up takes place on set days and times during late September into mid-October or when our list is full. Sign up is on a first come-first served basis. A list of required documentation will be provided online by mid-September.