How GSC Helps Churches

GSC was designed in 1994 by nine original churches in Macomb County to act as a clearinghouse. We help our churches, their staff, and outreach services to validate and finalize assistance, ensuring that both the household in crisis and the church receives consistent support. For our households seeking assistance this means they stay in their home, their utilities stay connected or can be reconnected, we offset the grocery bill via pantry referrals, and GSC extends our casework into additonal needs that often are not covered by community-based providers. We are hands on, real support, and guidance to all who work with us.

We are your referrable resource 24/7 via our online application system for clients and database for our member churches. GSC implemented and exported the familiar "Apricot" database in 2020 and continues to build current and ongoing social services through our online database to our outreach members.

GSC is funded by our coalition of churches for our operations: limited staffing, database support, office expenses, and emergency capabilities. Our support helps our members to make well-informed decisions for the greatest use of their outreach dollars. We walk every client through the process of assistance they qualify for to gather multiple agency and organizational support, allowing you, our church member to stretch your assistance dollars.

When our staff is not available at 10 PM on a Saturday night, our database is, it allows you to view a family's or individual's needs in real time and make your own assistance decisions to provide emergency assistance.

We have been created by and work for Macomb County's faith-based community to make the greatest impacts here at home. We utilize our long-standing networks, resources, and access to fully understand the story for each household. We handle all the background casework, allowing church staff and service organizations to extend your outreach and focus on your mission.

How does your church/faith-based organization become a member?

We ask that you call or email us so we can plan a meeting. We can acommodate video, phone, and face-to-face meetings. View our brochure to share with staff. We look forward to making a difference with you!

Member Support makes your church a part of the Good Shepherd Coalition. 

Member support is defined by:

  • Operational Support
  • Client Assistance
  • Holiday Programs: 
  • Providing meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter to one or more families
  • Gathering gifts for children at Christmas and Easter for one or more families
  • Attending, donating a basket, and/or sponsoring the GSC Annual Dinner & Auction (September)
  • Taking part in our Spring Forum (May)
  • Sharing our fundraisers with your parishioners to support GSC's mission of helping those in need